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Power Forward

pow*er for*ward

What Is The Definition Of Power Forward In Basketball?

1. A power forward is a position on a basketball team and is one of two forwards on the floor at a given time, with the other being the small forward. The power forward is the usually the larger of the two forwards, in both weight and height. Due to their size, the power forward plays a similar role as the center and will hang down in the low post.

Although power forwards primarily play offensively in the low post and score most of their baskets in the paint, many power forwards of today have good mid-range jump shots with some even having relying three-point shots.

Example Of How Power Forward Is Used In Commentary

1. Kevin Love has proven to be a versatile weapon at the power forward spot, as he’s a great rebounder on the defensive end, but can stretch the defense with his three-point shot.

Abbreviated As:

1. PF

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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