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Pro-Style Offense

pro style of*fense

What Is The Definition Of Pro-Style Offense In Football?

1. A pro-style offense in football is an offensive strategy involves offensive schemes and plays that are more complex than those used by most college and high school teams. The formations in pro-style offenses are generally more balanced, use tight ends and fullbacks to a greater extent, and require skilled and versatile players (offensive lines that excel in both running and passing, for example). Many top-level college teams use the pro-style offense, especially when the coach has come to the NCAA after coaching previously in the NFL.

Teams that run a pro-style offense tend to be more balanced offensively, as they are able to run and pass the ball effectively.

Examples Of How Pro-Style Offense Is Used In Commentary

1. Barkley chose to go to attend USC because they were a national powerhouse that runs a pro-style offense.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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