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Right Fielder

right field*er

What Is The Definition Of Right-Fielder In Baseball?

1. A right-fielder is the outfielder who defends the area in right field.

For recording defensive statistics and scorekeeping, each position on the field is represented by a number, and the right fielder is represented by the number nine.

Right-fielders tend to have the strongest throwing arm on teams because they have the furthest distance to throw the ball in order to make plays at third base.

The right-fielder has multiple duties during a typical game, such as backing up first base for all throws from the pitcher or catcher or rundowns between third base and home. They also back-up any play coming to second base coming from the left side of the field.

Some of the best right fielders in history, who were both talented on the field and in the batter’s box, were Vladimir Guerrero, Dave Winfield, and Roberto Clemente.

Examples of Right-Fielder Used In Commentary

1. Puig fields the ball off the wall and fires a dart to third base and nails the runner for the final out of the inning.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Baseball

Abbreviated As:

1. RF

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