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Squib Kick

squib kick

What Is The Definition Of A Squib Kick In Football?

1. A squib kick in football is specific style of kick that occurs during a kickoff. The kicker kicks the ball low and at a line drive, where the ball will then bounce on the ground before being picked up by the opposing player for a return.

Why Is A Squib Kick Useful? 

The reason a team would kick a squib kick versus a regular, high kickoff is to avoid having the return team’s primary kickoff returner touch the ball, therefore having a less skilled and slower player return the ball instead.

In addition, because a squib kick bounces unpredictably on the ground, it makes it harder to track and pick up. This allows the kicking team more time to advance downfield and get to the returner.

How Is A Squib Kick Different From An Onside Kick?

Squib kicks go farther than onside kicks. Squib kicks are mainly used to prevent the opposing team from returning the football or putting the ball in the hands of a return specialist, whereas onside kicks are typically used to regain possession of the football after kickoff.   

Examples Of How Squib Kick Is Used In Commentary

1. With the game tied, the Giants want to avoid getting Jackson the ball, so they drill a low squib kick that is picked up by their tight end.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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