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Strongside Linebacker

strong*side line*back*er

What Is The Definition Of Strongside Linebacker In Football?

1. This is an outside linebacker positioned on the strong side of the field, which is the side of the offensive formation that has the most players including the tight end. This position requires strength and speed in order to evade tough blocks from the opposing team. This position is sometimes called the left outside linebacker or the “Sam”, and are usually the strongest of the linebacker group.

Due to their strength and size, the strongside linebacker is usually tasked with covering the tight end in pass coverage, but also tackling the running back on rushing plays.

Examples Of How Strongside Linebacker Is Used In Commentary

1. Daryl Smith was a true strongside linebacker who excel in coverage and against the run, but also did well in blitz packages.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. SAM
2. Striker
3. Left Outside Linebacker

Abbreviated As:


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