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Unearned Run

un*earned run

What Is The Definition Of An Unearned Run In Baseball?

1. This refers to any run that is scored as a result of an error or passed ball. In other words, this stat is to help determine which runs the pitcher is responsible for. If the run is considered unearned, then it will not count against the pitcher’s earned run average (ERA).

It is up to the official scorer to determine if a particular run is considered an unearned run. They have to determine that if the error or passed ball had not occurred, would the runner still have scored.

Examples Of How Unearned Run Is Used In Commentary

1. Henderson races down the line to try to beat out the throw to first, but the ball sails over the first baseman’s head and travels into right field. Henderson will advance all the way to third, while the runner on second scores the unearned run on that throwing error.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Abbreviated As:

1. UER

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