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What Is The Definition Of Carrying?

1. This is a violation in basketball when the player who is dribbling the ball, temporarily rests the ball in one or both hands, then resumes dribbling again. Also known as palming, a player can avoid a carrying call by making sure their palms face the ground while dribbling the ball.

This is similar to a double-dribble violation, where a player will temporarily stop dribbling the ball, then resumes again.

Examples Of How Carrying Is Used In Commentary

1. While performing his signature crossover, Iverson gets called for carrying after the referee says he palmed the ball.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With Carrying

Carrying is a violation that can be difficult to call at times, due to the angle a referee may be positioned to the ball handler and the pace of the game. When players put their hand to the side of the ball while dribbling or performing a crossover to help them control the ball, many times it appears that they are palming the ball. However it may look, as long as the ball is moving and does not come to rest in their palm, this maneuver is considered legal by today’s rules.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

Also Known As:

1. Carry
2. Palming

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