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Forced Fumble

forced fum*ble

What Is The Definition Of Forced Fumble In Football?

1. This is when a defensive player knocks the ball loose of the offensive player’s possession, causing a fumble. The ball can be forced loose by a hit, stripped or any other legal hit caused by a defensive player.

Examples Of How Forced Fumble Is Used In Commentary

1. The linebacker strips the ball loose from the running back’s arm, forcing the fumble.

2. The linebacker shoots the B Gap past the tackle and hits the quarterback, knocking the ball loose. The offense luckily regains possession of the ball, but the defensive end is credited with the sack and the forced fumble.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Forced Fumble

Forcing a fumble is a challenging and hard act to accomplish in football. Because players are taught from a young age on how to hold and secure a football, it’s nearly impossible to strip it from some players.

However, one instance where it seems relative easy to get a forced fumble is when rushing a quarterback on their blind side. One strategy that defensive ends tend to do is to try to push their blockers as far back into the pocket and close to the quarterback as possible. Although their goal is to try to sack the quarterback, their bigger goal is to cause a turnover. If the defender can push into the pocket close enough, they have a good chance of swatting the ball from an outstretched quarterback’s hand, therefore forcing a fumble.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Abbreviated As:

1. FF

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