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Safety Blitz

safe*ty blitz

What Is The Definition Of Safety Blitz In Football?

1. In football, the defensive team has safety positions that look for holes in the offensive line to reach the quarterback. Rushing the passer to cause a bad pass or sack by one of the safeties is a safety blitz. A safety blitz may occur instantly after the snap or may be delayed a few moments. 

Carrying out this play is considered high risk/high reward because the safety leaves less coverage for a pass. In addition, the quarterback has a better chance of getting a completion if the safety blitz is unsuccessful.

A safety blitz is typically used if the defense is unsuccessful in the standard pass rush or a big play is needed. To carry out this play, the safety moves to the line of scrimmage before the snap and looks for the offensive hole to get to the quarterback.

Example Of How Safety Blitz Is Used In Commentary

1. Dolphins safety, Reshad Jones, creeping up in the box. Jones sets for the safety blitz and breaks for Dion Lewis at the snap. Totally unaccounted for, Jones gets low and drives Lewis down.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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