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Second Base

sec*ond base

What Is The Definition Of Second Base In Baseball?

1. Second base is the second of four locations that an offensive player must touch in order to score a run in baseball. Before advancing to second base, a runner must first touch first base. Unlike first and third base, second base is interchangeable covered by the shortstop and second baseman, depending on where the ball is hit on the field or the game scenario. For example, if a ball is hit into right field, the second baseman will run into the shallow outfield to serve as the cutoff man for the right fielder, while the shortstop covers second base. When a baserunner attempts to steal second base, the second baseman and shortstop will decide before the play who will be covering the base to receive the throw from the catcher. In addition, the majority of double plays begin at second base.

Second base is located in the middle of the infielder, directly behind the pitcher’s mound.

Example Of How Second Base Is Used In Commentary

1. Baez fields the short hop and tosses it the shortstop at second base for the force out to end the inning.

Also Seen As:

1. 2nd Base

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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