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Back Handspring

back hand*spring 

What Is The Definition Of Back Handspring In Gymnastics?

1. A back handspring is a backward 360-degree revolution of the body where the gymnast starts and finishes on their feet. The main movement itself is a back flip in which the hands touch the ground.

On What Events Can A Back Handspring Be Performed?

A back handspring can be performed on vault, floor or beam. In elite gymnastics, the back handspring typically occurs in a sequence of other moves.

How Do You Do A Back Handspring?

Just as in a front handspring, it is important to maintain a tight core throughout the whole movement of a back handspring. A back handspring is performed using the following steps:

  1. Sit backward almost like you are sitting into a chair, swinging your arms down to your side.
  2. Push and jump off the ground as you explode up from the sitting position, driving your arms up to your head. This jump should be both backwards and upwards without dumping your head back. 
  3. As you jump back, push your hips up to the sky so that your back is arched and your hips raise above your head. Legs and arms should be straight.
  4. As your hands reach the ground, drive your feet and hips forward to land in a handstand position.
  5. Block off of the ground, initiating the movement with your shoulders as you continue to drive the feet and legs over your head quickly. 
  6. As your legs pass over your head and your hands leave the ground after the block, drive your legs quickly down by thinking of snapping your feet to the ground. The core should be tight to keep the back in a hollow position rather than arch.
  7. When your feet start to touch the ground, drive your shoulder ups so that your body lands in an upright position.

What Is The Difference Between A Standing And Running Back Handspring?

A standing back handspring starts with the gymnast at a stand still. A running back handspring is a back handspring preceded by a run and a round off. Because the back handspring is a backward motion and running is a forward motion, the gymnast must perform a move in between that reorients them to be able to have backward momentum.

What Are Some Drills To Improve A Back Handspring?

The following drills can be used to help someone improve their front handspring:

Example Of How Back Handspring Is Used In Commentary

1. The Biles is a move on floor consisting of a roundoff back handspring followed by a double layout with a half twist.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Gymnastics

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