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Earned Run Average (ERA)

earned run av*er*age

What Is The Definition Of Earned Run Average (ERA) In Baseball?

1. Earned run average, or ERA, is a baseball statistic that represents the average number of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched.

How Do You Calculate ERA?

An ERA is calculated by dividing the total number of earned runs by the total number of innings pitched, then multiplying by nine and rounding to two decimal places. For professional baseball pitchers, an ERA of 2.00 or less is highly desirable.

For example, a pitcher who has allowed 20 earned runs in 200 innings pitched is as follows:

What Qualifies As An Earned Run?

Earned runs are runs for which a pitcher can be held fully responsible. To be counted toward a pitcher’s ERA, a run cannot result from any defensive errors or passed balls. Runs not counted in a pitcher’s ERA are called unearned runs. 

Is It Better To Have A High Or Low ERA In Baseball?

Since a lower ERA means fewer runs have been scored against a pitcher, a low ERA is a better statistic. Therefore, a low ERA is one of the factors that indicate a good pitcher. 

What Is Considered A Good ERA In Baseball?

A good earned run average varied from generation-to-generation. For example, in the early eras of the game such as the early 1900s, a good ERA was considered to be in the low 2.00 area.

With all the rule changes that have evolved over the years to help favor batters, the number for a good ERA has grown higher. In today’s game, a good ERA is considered to be 4.00 or lower. This is due to the talent of hitters and the greater emphasis on new technology to help hitters in their conditioning and training.

Who Has The Lowest ERA In Baseball History?

Ed Walsh holds the record for the lowest ERA in MLB history with an ERA of 1.816. This Baseball Hall of Famer pitched from 1906 to 1912 when an injury cut his career short. 

Examples Of How Earned Run Average (ERA) Is Used In Commentary

1. Maddux is perfect yet again tonight, pitching another shutout to lower his ERA to a league-leading 1.98.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Abbreviated As:

1. ERA

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