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What Is The Definition Of Blitz In Football?

1. This is when the defense sends additional players to rush the quarterback in order to sack or pressure him into throwing a inaccurate pass. The defense usually tends to send one or more linebackers or defensive backs to rush the quarterback, in addition to the defensive lineman. This is considered risky because when a linebacker and/or defensive back rushes the quarterback since they’re potentially leaving receivers open on the pass play.

Examples Of How Blitz Is Used In Commentary

1. The cornerback blitzes the quarterback from his blind side and sacks him for a five yard loss.

2. The defense sends an all out blitz and the linebacker shoots through the A-Gap and is able to get to the quarterback for the sack.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Blitz

In order for a blitz to be effective, a team must make sure that:

  1. They penetrate the offensive line and get pressure on the quarterback
  2. The remaining defensive backs and linebackers must stay with their assignments and cover the receivers and running backs to the best of their ability.

If the defense fails to do either of these, especially getting pressure on the quarterback, a potentially disastrous play can occur. By blitzing the extra defender, that means that there is likely an open receiver. If the defense gives the quarterback time to analyze the scheme, then he will more than likely find that open receiver.

In addition, if a defense gets caught blitzing the offense when they call a rushing play, the defensive backs and linebackers have to be quick to plug any gaps in the line so that the running back doesn’t get through. Since the defense is rushing most of their defensive players, once the running back gets past the line, they have a good chance of running for a big gain, or even a touchdown.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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